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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taysom Hill, Best Qb in the Country

Ok, he didn't qualify to actually rank in most people's lists. But BYU quarterback Taysom Hill's performance on Thursday against the Washington State Cougars made him number one in the nation with a QB rating of 581.2.

Hill saw the field three or four times and completed his only throw on an option-pass to a wide open Kaneakua Friel. He also managed to run the ball twice for six yards. The ESPN announcers repeatedly referenced quotes by Bronco Mendenhall that Hill is "pound-for-pound the best athlete on the team," and Hill even lined up to kick an extra point before the blue Cougars called a time out.

Hill's appearances tipped BYU's hand a bit, showing that they do, in fact, plan on using him in the wildcat, particularly in the blue zone. Hill is technically listed third on the depth chart behind senior James Lark, but Lark saw no action on Thursday.

I said a few weeks ago that BYU needs to utilize Hill as much as possible to get him ready for 2013 when the Cougars face one of their toughest schedules ever. It's nice to see him taking the field and making the most of it.

P.S. Riley Nelson's QB rating ranked him 5th among those who threw enough passes to qualify for a ranking.


  1. dude is going to be a stud next year

  2. It shows the future is bright with all these young players up and coming. With a tough schedule next year we will need a quality quarterback to run things.