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Friday, August 17, 2012

This Year's Qb Controversy

The last few years of quarterback controversies have given BYU fans ulcers. Can the two-Qb system work at BYU? Should Jake Heaps start as a freshman? Did Riley win the job after the electrifying Utah State comeback? Now that Heaps has transferred and Riley is undoubtedly the number one guy, most of the stress has subsided.

However, with 2013 offering arguably BYU's toughest schedule ever and Riley Nelson graduating after this season, the question is looming in the heads of BYU fans: who will start next year?

As far as I'm concerned, Brandon Doman must find some significant playing time for Taysom Hill this year to get him ready to start in 2013. Now, Nelson will likely make that job easy on Doman by hurting himself, but in the unlikely event that Nelson stays healthy all year, Doman has to be ready to give Hill real time in meaningful situations. That means not just junk time in the fourth quarter, but real time with the first unit.

Bronco has the foresight to perceive this need. He said a few weeks ago that Hill could see some time in the wildcat position, seeing as he is "one of the faster players on the team." This is probably the best solution that gives Hill the time he needs on the field without damaging the team's chances to win or the chemistry of the first unit.

In any case, while this is not a "rebuilding year" for the Cougars, Doman, Bronco, and the rest of the coaching staff have to look forward to next year and prepare for it now. It seems clear that Hill is going to be next year's starter, and that means he will need as much experience as he can get.

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