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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Detmer a Cougar again?

Dick Harmon is setting fire to the message boards again this morning by speculating that Ty Detmer will be BYU's new QB coach. Harmon says he saw Detmer in town right before the New Mexico Bowl and hinted that he was there to talk about a future with the Cougar coaching staff.

We here at the The Sports Bros are having a hard time swallowing this pill. First, it would be an awkward (if not dysfuntional) dynamic to have a Heisman Trophy winner and BYU legend as a position coach under an OC. This would be considerably more strange ifrumors that Doman will be promoted to be OC are true. Second, the weed before a bowl game doesn't seem to be the time that Mendenhall would choose to bring in Detmer for interviews. Mendenhall has been busy preparing his team for UTEP (and successfully so), and I doubt if he has been spending his time inviting ex-Cougars in to interview for positions that aren't officially open yet. Third, it's hard to believe that no other media sources noticed Detmer's presence. If he had been anywhere near Mendenhall then bloggers and reporters would have reported it a week ago.


  1. Having a Heisman QB serving under a younger OC isn't hard to understand at all if the OC has already been in a coaching position at the school for what, 5 years or so? The fact that Detmer was in UT doesn't mean anything, but then again, it could.

  2. I don't think it would be that big of a deal if Detmer wasn't such a legend in Provo. Doman and Detmer are both upstanding individuals, so if anyone can do it, it's them. Still, I think it's a risky move.

    Perhaps you're right, though. If Doman succeeds as an OC as much as he has as QB coach, then he could be offered jobs elsewhere. That could set the table for Detmer to take over as OC.