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Thursday, June 23, 2011

King Jimmer

Savior of the Kings franchise?
Jimmer is headed to Sacramento.

The Kings were in need of something, or in this case, someone to put fans in the seats. No one did it better last year than the one name phenom, Jimmer.

This was an obvious PR move by the Maloof brothers, but one that I feel will work out very well for both sides. The Kings could use some instant offense beside Tyreke Evans and Demarcus Cousins, who are not exactly lighting up the score board. Fredette can shoot from... well anywhere. That is not a mystery. This team will benefit from Jimmer, and likewise the other way around.

Jimmer is best when he is in open space, and handles the ball. He is also best when he  is given reign over the shots he can take, and I think he will get that in Sacramento. Now, this is not to be confused with him becoming an all-star or the "leader" of the team. I think it simply means this is a good situation for Jimmer to flourish to start his NBA career. He will be an immediate impact on a team that is needing some shooting, and some energy for its dwindling fan base.

My prediction.... Jimmer will start eventually sometime next season, if not right away. He was drafted to please the fans, so thats what he is going to need to prove in an early stage. I think he will do well, make shots, and he will surprise people with his natural ability to run the point guard position. His passing ability is very undervalued, and his frame (6'2" 195) is one that once his defensive fundamentals are sound, will make him a decent on defender. No lock down defender, but D-Willi like with his ability to move and get a body on someone.

Jimmer will succeed early on in his career. He will continue to do what everyone says he can't do, perform at the highest levels. He already has, just go check out his trophy room in his new house in Northern California.