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Monday, May 16, 2011

Jimmer goes Where?

Like many anxious Cougar fans, we are all waiting to see where "The Jimmer" gets drafted come June.

A big step could be tomorrow, when the draft lottery is decided. I anticipate this could hurt/help Jimmers positioning for the upcoming draft, depending on what happens.

I have read many things saying Jimmer would be a good fit in Phoenix, presumably to replace an aging Steve Nash. Problem I forsee there... REPLACING Steve Nash. It simply cannot be done. Jimmer is Jimmer, and the boy can surely Jimmer, but Nash is a 2 time MVP, and can pass better than anyone since John Stockton.

I believe Jimmer will be a valuable bench player in his beginning years, somewhat like a JJ Reddick, only he can shoot a little better, and can drive light years better than JJ. This comparison then brings us to the idea that Jimmer can one day become a key contributor, but it all just depends on where he lands.

Here's to Jimmer's future! Best of luck!