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Saturday, August 18, 2012

BYU Ranked in AP Preseason Poll...Sort of

Well, they don't get the number before their name on the ESPN ticker, but BYU managed to garner enough votes to rank #32 in the AP's preseason college football poll. As most of you know, the AP only ranks the top 25, but lists all other schools receiving votes and orders them according to points accumulated from the vote. BYU came in 7th in that list with 22 points, just behind future opponents Utah and Georgia Tech.

This is a good place to start the year, as it will make climbing the rankings easier if the Cougars can manage to win their opening few games (I know, a really big "if").


  1. Nice!!! But I don't understand how we were ranked 25 at the end of last year and return most of our starters and end up lower??

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