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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

COUGS vs. cougs Predictions

Tomorrow is finally game day!

So, its time for us here at Sports Bros to make our prediction for the upcoming contest against the cougars from Washington State.

Little Bro:

Washington States defense last year was not good. BYU's offense was pretty good under Nelson. That combination spells out potential good things for the Blue Cougars. I look for Michael Alisa really to be the difference maker in this game. Much is made of both cougars NFL prospect receivers, but that means the under the radar guys are the tailbacks. Look for a big game from Alisa. Riley Nelson will be Riley Nelson, I expect a couple errant decisions and even a turnover, but nothing the BYU defense can't handle. BYU finds good balance in the game (275 yards passing, 165 yards on the ground) and finds the end zone 4 times. While Washington State does have potential, they are starting a new era, and first games usually are where the flaws are found. Close game in the first half, but the Cougars of BYU come away with a 14 point win in the second half.

BYU 31 - WSU 17

Big Bro:

While much has been said about Wazzou's speed and athleticism, particularity at the wide receiver position, they remain a young team with a new coach and a new system. I expect BYU LB Kyle Van Noy to disrupt enough plays and create a turnover or two so as to neutralize any athleticism gap. Look for the real Cougs to capitalize on these mistakes with quick scores as BYU QB Riley Nelson will have all the drama of last year completely behind him. I expect Nelson to play with even more confidence (is that possible?) this year and for the team to rally around him like they did last year. BYU gets up early and holds on after a late Wazzou surge for a two-touchdown win.

BYU 38 - WSU 24

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