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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Failure of One

Yesterday's loss for the BYU Cougar football team showed evidence of one thing. Brandon Doman has utterly failed as the offensive coordinator at his Alma Mater.

Brandon Doman should be
on the hot seat after 2012 season
During the Cougars 20-14 defeat at the hands of WAC opponent San Jose State, BYU constantly failed to convert on 3rd downs and could not establish a running game. Ironically, the cougars first score came on a run by freshman Jamaal Williams. However after that 16 yard TD scamper by the freshman phenom, he only managed 46 yards the rest of the game.

Doman came into the position last season with lots of hype and promise. He has not panned out and he has not produced. Not even close.

Doman has created a lack of imagination in his play calling, not to mention a lack of ability. Ross Apo is only used in two situations throughout the season. The main one being a screen pass that never gets more than 7 yards, and failed deep balls that Riley Nelson cannot deliver on. Yet he continues to call these plays, and getting the same results. Nothing.

Yesterday BYU tried to run up the middle (which hadn't worked all game) on a third and short and on an attempted 4th down conversion. Both times Williams was stuffed for no gain or a short loss. Where is the imagination? Where is the sweep to utilize Williams' speed? The cougars had not proven the ability to run up the middle all game. Why does he think it would work then?

Another area Doman's lack of creativity and ability as a play caller has shown is in formations. If BYU is lined up in the I-formation the call is one of two things. A play action pass or a run. If an observer like myself can figure that out by game 2 of this lost season, what makes him think opposing defensive coordinators won't pick up on it? There is no creativity or imagination in this "great offensive" coordinator at BYU. He has lost something he never had in the first place. Ability as an offensive coordinator.

The play action for BYU has been abysmal this year primarily because of the lack of blocking and lack of talent at the quarterback position. Riley Nelson does not have the ability to make down the field throws, especially with the defense closing in on him.

Last of all, only being able to score 14 points against San Jose State is just not acceptable for a BYU offense. No disrespect to San Jose State, who lit BYU up in the first half, but the cougars should not have even let San Jose State stand a chance.

Riley Nelson continues to turn the ball over in the red zone (blue zone to you Cougar fans) and lose opportunities for points. the red zone play calling from Brandon Doman is the last area of ineptitude of the cougar play caller. He has failed to prove anything to anyone that he deserves to keep his job after the final horn sounds in San Diego later next month.

If I were a BYU fan, I would hope to look forward to seeing Brandon Doman off the sideline next season. There is too much talent on this BYU offense to be so awful.

Dont even get me started on the offensive line.