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Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Bro Wins Week 1 Pick 'Em on Cougarblue

In case you didn't catch it (or didn't know his real name), but Little Bro took honorary first place in Cougarblue's College Pick 'Em contest, guessing every game correctly and losing the tie-breaker by just a few points to the the host writer, Jared Lloyd. Lloyd wrote:

"My victory was earned by the fact that my tiebreaker final score prediction of BYU's win over Washington State (26-14) was judged just slightly closer to the actual 30-6 score than that of Aaron Kartchner (who ended up second by predicting 31-17) and Mike Gotfredson and Aaron Johnson (who both said 35-17).

Since this is my contest, I'm going to go ahead and pass the weekly prize on to Kartchner, who should be pretty proud of his performance."

There you have it. Little Bro has been inducted as a legit sports blogger with street cred.

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