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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Matt Reynolds to return

Good news from BYU's standout offensive lineman: he's coming back. Deseret News is reporting that the two-time all MWC tackle will return for his senior year at BYU.

Big Bro's thoughts: Next year the Cougar offense will still be relatively young, so Reynolds's maturity and leadership will be much appreciated. A skilled left tackle will be a necessary component in the offense to give Jake Heaps the time to make his throws. Of course, that is assuming Heaps wins the contest for the starting job next spring (tongue in cheek).

At the beginning of the season Reynolds was high on scouts' lists, but the disappointing BYU season resulted in a drop in his stock. Much of that is thanks to the dual quarterback system, wherein Reynolds had to switch back and forth from left to right tackle to protect Riley Nelson (lefty) and Heaps (righty). Along with switching sides, a lack of consistency also rattled the O-line, protecting a mobile quarterback one series and a pocket passer the next.

I expect that next year Reynolds will have a standout season and his NFL stock will skyrocket. He will also have a chance to be a part of BYU's inaugural independent team and to to show himself to scouts in multiple time zones and on ESPN.


  1. Yo, Big Bro! You stopped by my site a couple of weeks ago to tell me that my assessment of the 2010 BYU football season being a disappointment was wrong. But, I noticed you provided the same assessment in this article.


    K Martinez
    BYU Cougars Examiner

  2. You said that "2010 has been mostly disappointing to the Cougar faithful," and that is what I took issue with. Such negativity was, I think, not indicative of true Cougar fans' assessment of the season. Like I commented on your article, there was much to be happy for this year.

    That being said, a 7-6 season has its disappointments.

    Thanks for stopping by!