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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bitter Sweet Defeat

Saturday's 17-16 loss to the team up north was truly a heart breaker for the Cougars and their fans. One of the best games of many closely fought battles between the two rivals will also dig the deepest in Blue nation. However, fans of the Y have A LOT to look forward too in this final November battle between Utah and BYU.

Fantastic Freshman
 Here is where BYU has a lot to look forward too. These three freshman are going to do some pretty amazing things at BYU, and possible have  a lot of things said about them nationally, not to mention perhaps the BYU record books.

Could this be the next
great BYU quarterback?
Jake Heaps: What else can be said that hasn't been said already. The guy can throw the pigskin. Against the Utes, Heaps showed he had grown up... HEAPS (pun intended). He stepped up in the pocket a number of times to avoid pressure and deliver on the money throws. He continues to show off his awesome arm strength and fit the ball into windows that, in my opinion, Hall would have thrown a pick on. He is going through his reads and making more smart throws. A lot of progression can be attributed to his line, however, give the guy time and he has proven he will make it worth it. He is reading defenses at the line of scrimmage and knowing what they are trying to do against him. The team is starting to trust him and catch his throws. Jake Heaps, Cougar fans, WILL, I REPEAT WILL, go down as one of the greatest ever to play at BYU, and go into BYU football lore as another great 'Y' QB. There it is, I said it.

Expect to hear this guys name a lot
the next 3 years for BYU
Kyle Van Noy: This guy continues to make big plays and show his versatility. He his a big, fast, strong linebacker that can cover, blitz and hang in the middle of the field and cause havoc on opposing offenses. Yesterday he showed great cover ability on his interception where he was on the receiver stride for stride, and red the ball perfectly. He made a number of tackles that prevented big plays, including staying home on a screen pass and registering a key shoe string tackle that could have very easily gone for a first down and much much more. He is tall, so when he blitzes he can get in the face of the QB without touching him and cause impaired vision down field. He is a monster in the middle and on the edge, and I am going to go out there and say he could very well be the next Rob Morris, and bring home at least 1 All American honor by the time he is a senior (barring injury). He will for sure would have been an all conference LB if BYU wasn't going independent. BYU's defense will be solid with him at their anchor for the next 3 years.

I forsee a lot of big plays in the future
for number 20 and the Y offense
Josh Quezada:  This year we didn't get to see him have consistent reps, considering his split time with JJ and Bryan. However, he has a great mixture of speed, power, and vision that reminds me a lot of Harvey Unga, and even Luke Staley. He has more speed the Unga, not quite the moves of Staley (and hopefully not the glass frame either). He had one 100 yard game this year that showed his versatility. Also, in BYU's season opening win against Washington, showed great catching ability on his TD catch in the back of the end-zone. He will be a great out of the back field receiver, a lot of like JJ, but with better North and South running style. He will have a lot of great games for BYU, and with Kariya and J.J. leaving for graduation next year, his junior year could be very special.

Now, watching BYU lose to Utah on Saturday broke my heart, as I am sure it did many others. However, there is a lot to be thankful for considering this seasons beginning. A terrible 1-4 start that looked like the end of BYU football. Then came Bronco and his excellent coaching and turned the season into a bowl year (6th straight) and the cougars have TONS of confidence after a great battle with a ranked team on the road, heading into their bowl game. BYU's opponent for the bowl game is uncertain, but whoever they are, they better be prepared for an up and coming BYU football team.


  1. I agree on the future of these three freshmen. But, I would add one more- Cody Hoffman. He has the size, speed, and ability to be a huge success at reciever.

  2. Van Noy's shoestring tackle running after the Utah running back on the edge blew me away. A defensive end who can catch up to a tailback like that is going to be serious.