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Sunday, October 31, 2010

BCS standings

Its always nice to see the BCS having a serious problem on their hands. 3 of the top 6 teams are Non AQ's. Boise State is #3, TCU is #4 and Utah coming in at #6. Now Utah and TCU play eachother, but even then you have at least 2 Non AQ's in the top 5. Love it

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  1. Check this out: After Saturday's huge MWC showdown, there will be an undefeated non-AQ team with a win against a top-5 team. How will the computers react when either TCU or Utah gets a HUGE win? To make it all even funnier, Va Tech is on a tear right now, playing inspired ball, making Boise State's win over them look even better. And can you imagine what will happen if Oregon State wins the Civil War? The BCS computers just might explode.