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Sunday, October 13, 2013

BYU Offense Borderline Un-Stoppable

With its third straight convincing victory over a good opponent in Georgia Tech, BYU's offensive has continued to make strides in almost every facet of the game.

Cody Hoffman hauls in a 45 yard TD
catch against Georgia Tech, the 29th
of his career.
Taysom Hill continues to silence critics with his increasingly strong and efficient arm. His first half performance against Georgia Tech was reminiscent of BYU quarterbacks of old, slinging the ball all over the field. His touchdown pass to Cody Hoffman was a fantastic throw with an even better catch by the All-American wide out. To bring it all together, Robert Anae offered a balance and unpredictable play calling scheme that kept Georgia Tech on their toes.

That was the first half, anyways.

After the break, Georgia Tech made adjustments. To the Yellow Jackets' credit, they shot gaps, brought pressure and disguised their coverages. Anae and the Cougar offense on the other hand, went into prevent offense.

Instead of remaining aggressive, they were content with what they had accomplished. They went back to running up the gut on first and second down, causing long third down attempts that failed. as a result, the BYU offense only gained 100 yards of total offense in the second half. While no disrespect is meant towards their ACC foe, BYU should have scored 50+ points last night.

The well documented rotations of the offensive line for the Cougars continues to plague the potential of this offensive unit. Robert Anae has continued to make strides in utilizing his weapons at his disposal. Taysom Hill continues to prove me correct by being a solid quarterback that could become a Heisman type player before he is finished at the Y.

The defense continues to be great, and is creating turnovers that result in points. If the struggles on the offensive line and spotty play calling are worked out, the country should be put on notice. This BYU team could become unstoppable.

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