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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taysom Hill is only a Sophomore

The defeat to Utah was deflating. This is the case for no one more than the BYU football team. Imagine being anyone other than the freshman on this squad that will never have an opportunity to beat the guys up north. The fan base, however, is taking it harder than anyone.

Taysom Hill tries to avoid pressure against Utah during the 2013 edition of the Holy War
Taysom Hill tries to avoid pressure against Utah
during the 2013 edition of the Holy War
Throughout the game yesterday, Taysom Hill's inaccuracy was being thrown around all over the place, pun intended. Fans already are asking him for Ammon Olsen to replace the hyped up sophomore behind center. I say, not so fast.

Taysom Hill has struggled mightily throwing the football so far this year. That's not something I'm trying to excuse. As a matter of fact, nothing angers me more than seeing his, what seems like at times, incompetence as a quarterback. However, the guy hasn't gotten any help from his fella's catching the rock. They aren't catching it.

But there are times the ball isn't even close to the receiver. Just ask the folks surrounding the field--they've caught more passes than Ross Apo so far this year. There are times he misses his reads. There are also times when he runs when there are open wide outs down field. All of these things are signs of one thing: he is developing; he is only a sophomore.

Lest we all forget, BYU is integrating a new offensive scheme with the new offensive staff overhaul. That would be hard for any signal caller, let alone one in his first full season under center. Hill has good arm strength, as evidenced by a couple of strong throws yesterday against the Utes. He has the ability to extend plays as well, with his well noted mobility. He needs better designs however, and that falls on Robert Anae. His play-calling is already under fire, and rightfully so. The inability to get into the end zone after JD Falslev's 58 yard return down to the 13 yard line last night was atrocious. In fact, it was completely inexcusable. This, however, is a discussion for another day.

Cougar faithful, I urge you to give Hill time. We'll all be singing his praises this week against Middle Tennessee State, using our short term memory loss as an excuse. His accuracy won't jump up to 80% overnight. All quarterbacks need time, and Taysom Hill is no different. We at Quarterback U have been spoiled for the better part of half a century with amazing quarterback play. None of the greats, Steve Young to Max Hall came in perfect their first years. Hill cannot have lofty expectations without room for growth.

With time, I believe Hill will get better. His reads, his accuracy and his ability can only get better. After all, it can't get much worse, can it?

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