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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deep ball could hurt BYU

Heaps has to respond with the best game of his young BYU career. There is no question about it.

After an opening day win, Heaps admits it was a disappointing performance by himself as well as the rest of the offense.

The cougars will face probably one of their better opponents in week 2, a Big XII powerhouse in the longhorns. Now, they had a down year last year, posting just a 5-7 record and missed a bowl game for the first time in 12 years. But that was last year. Cougars fans are fast to forget that just last year they were a lowly 1-4 before turning the season around half way through the campaign.

Make no mistake, Texas won't be down for long, and this could be a perfect springboard game for either side. Both teams are coming off less than desirable week 1 victories over Ole Miss and Rice, respectively. Now in Texas' 34-9 win over the owls, they did manage to post over 500 yards of offense, to BYU's respectable 316 yards from scrimmage.

BYU corners will play a vital role
against Texas's receivers.
The way for BYU to keep this game in their grasp is something they have struggled throughout their history, defend the deep ball. It has been well documented and seems to be the general consensus that Texas QB Garrett Gilbert struggles with the short to intermediate routes. They need to force those kinds of throws on the young signal caller. That also allows the defensive playmakers for the cougars to step up, the linebackers. Forcing the longhorn defense into the teeth of the BYU defense will be key for a cougar victory.

The corners for the cougars were relatively untested against Ole Miss. However, when they were they got beat, but just got lucky the ball wasn't hauled in. Texas has young play makers in Jaxon Shipley (Jordan Shipley's younger brother) and new recruit Malcom Brown. Brown is someone that could give the cougars a fit. Brown will be utilized in a very similar fasion that BYU uses JJ Di Luigi. Look for that key matchup, the cougars LBs and the longhorn backfield.

However, in order for that matchup to really have a true effect on the game, the coverage will decide the outcome.

The one thing the cougars DBs did a great job of in week one was tackling. Bronco mentioned numerous times his delight in that arena, however also expressed his displeasure in their overall coverage.That will have to be better, in order for the cougars to disappoint 101,000 burnt orange faithful.

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