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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anemic offense lacks DOMANation

I love Brandon Doman. Loved him as a player, loved him as a QB coach. But boy oh boy the guy has got to figure out how to call a football game.

He has way too many skilled players around him, and way to good of a quarterback to be throwing dump off passes and draw plays. He has got to figure it out quick, or I'm jumping off his bandwagon very very quickly. 

His play calling in the second half against Texas was; abysmal, horrific, terrible, horrendous, pathetic, predictable, among others. He did not make in game adjustments, as Texas did and refused to divert from his gameplan.

Now, most of you are probably thinking that it is "too early" to grade Doman effectively or even fairly. Others of you might be saying that the competition was really just that good. Then there are those of you that say I am just to pesemistic and not being realistic. Lets take a look at the facts shall we.

Through 2 games, Domans offense has averaged 11.5 points (the team thanks to a defensive touchdown is a measly 15). Jake Heaps has thrown for a total of 412 yards in the first two games, averaging 206 ypg. Along with that, he has thrown 3 interceptions to only 2 touchdowns. Now those two touchdowns thrown by Heaps, both to Ross Apo, are the only offensive touchdowns the cougars have to show for the 2011 campaign to date. No receiver has a 100 yard game yet. In fact, no receiver through 2 games has even accumulated a total over 90 yards receiving (Apo leads the team with 86 yards). On top of that, no single receiver has had more than 4 catches in a game. Apo had 4 against Ole Miss, and led the team. Hoffman on the season has 3 catches for 20 yards. If your jaw didnt drop after reading those last two lines, then you dont understand the talent those two guys have.

Heaps is completing only 60% of his passes, with 3 more completions to the other team (3 INT's). With that, his composure in the pocket is rattled and unsure. He checks down to his bail outs way to quickly, and hasnt been accurate on intermediate routes so far this season. Heaps has yet to have a 300 yard game in his young hyped career. He needs one soon to get his team rolling.

The running game has produced a grand total of 134 yards through two games, and no scores. Di Luigi has a total of 95 yards rushing through the first two contests with a respectable 3.7 yard average. The next leading rusher is Bryan Kariya has 35 yards on 11 carries (3.2 avg). This running attack was one of the best rushing attacks in BYU history last year racking up over 2000 yards on the ground between the three primary backs. This year, they can't hit their holes and they try and dance around quicker LBs and DBs to get outside, and it just isnt working.

I am officially retracting my statement made earlier about how this offense could be the best offense in BYU history. The talent is there, but the discipline and execution most certainly is not.

BYU has an offensive line that could match anyone's in the entire country, I have all the confidence in the world saying that. Their line has held up decently against fast SEC and Big XII opponents, with Heaps getting sacked just 3 or 4 times. However, their lack of opening holes for our running backs has depleted an offense that relies on a balanced attack that has yet to be recognized.

The only reason BYU was even in the game on Saturday at Texas was because of their defense. This BYU defense has proven to be stellar and will keep BYU in games all season, as has been noticed through 2 weeks.

My message to Doman: Cody Hoffman still exsists and still can make plays. Your tight ends have shown they can catch the ball, and get open. Di Luigi is too slow around the edge against SEC/Big XII teams, Juice Quezada needs more touches, and Jake Heaps needs to have the ball in his hands to make throws down field. These weapons need to be utilized in space, not 3 yards off the line of scrimmage where linebackers await their prey. Hoffman was a star last year that has been basically all but forgotten. Jake Heaps has a cannon that on 5 yard button hooks is not be utilized and is therefore destroying his confidence in his throwing ability. Di Luigi needs to get the ball 10 yards away from the line, in space behind the linebackers to be truly effective. Apo needs to be used in more than just long routes and touchdowns. Get him involved in slants and outs to make the defense respect his all around abilities.

Another thing, the tempo of the offense stepped up slightly from last week. However, it is still too slow. The slow tempo allows the defense to settle in, substitute necessary personal and make adjustments from play to play. The cougars can't seem to make adjustments from quarter to quarter, so what makes them think that they are going to get better inside a 30 second huddle. This team needs to get to the line and force a tempo down the defenses throat to control the game. They have the line, they have the QB and they have the talent at the skill positions, its just be contained way to much.

BYU has too much talent that is being totally wasted and ignored by an offensive coordinator that is struggling mightily to grasp all the talent he has around him. He seems to be showing more signs of being a rookie than I expected. However, that does not give him a total pardon from his performance through 2 weeks. He has not shown any sign of learning from mistakes or opportunities, and I am yet to see how and or when he will.

I hope next week, against Utah, he figures out how to bring a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to LES, otherwise this could be last year all over again.

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