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Friday, October 4, 2013

Formula to beat the Aggies

The performance BYU gave last Friday against Middle Tennessee State was not one that the players, or the fans should be proud of.

The Cougars were supposed to beat the Blue Raiders. They took care of that agenda item, but the way they did is not a recipe for future success. Especially for their next opponent, the Aggie's of Utah State.

If Taysom Hill and BYU are to turn this season around, its going to start against their in state rivals this week. However, they can't duplicate their "performance" they called a football game from last Friday. It just won't work.

Here's how BYU will beat Utah State:

Get Hoffman Going Early
The dude makes plays. There's no way around it. Hoffman has come up big for BYU ever since he showed up in Provo, and always in the pinch times of games. That's why getting him involved is so vital. If he makes plays early, the Utah State defense will have to dedicate more resources to stopping him This, in turn, will open up lanes for other receivers like Mitch Matthews and JD Falslev to make plays. Hoffman already garners a lot of attention. BYU has got to force the Aggies to dedicate even more. This in turn will help out Taysom Hill in the next key to a victory for BYU.

The Passing Game
This will be a key to every game the rest of the season. Hill's progression in large part will be based on how the offensive line performs. If Hill has time, he proved last week he can deliver the football. All teams will more than likely load the box now, meaning Hill has to be pin point on his throws in order to now open up the ground game. Screen passes and flare route are good extensions of the running game that have been seldom utilized since Max Hall and company left.

Blue Zone Scoring
Last weeks turnovers against Middle Tennessee were just inexcusable. BYU squandered a potential game altering possession against Utah as well, after Falslev's big punt return late in the game. If BYU has any chance in Logan, Robert Anae has got to manufacture better schemes to get the rock across the goal line. Going out of the shotgun from the two yard line continues to baffle me. This will be big, whether the cougars settle for three, or try to punch it in the end zone.

Overall, this game has potential to go either way. Chuckie Keeton was held in check last year, but BYU's defense was stronger last year with Ziggy in the pass rush. Also, the game is in Logan which gives the home team a huge advantage. I'm not sure BYU's offense is mature enough to get the points they need to in order to out-duel the more mature Aggies.

Utah State  21        BYU   17

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