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Friday, September 6, 2013

Season Changing Game for Texas and BYU

Who knew so much could ride on week 2 of a young college football season. Yet here we are, Texas visiting Provo, UT with both programs having very different starts to the 2013 campaign.

Its hard to imagine BYU laying another egg like they did last weekend in Charlottesville. Then again, it was hard to imagine the Cougars laying that first one against an ACC bottom dweller.

Can Taysom Hill be much worse than 13-40 passing? Doubt it. Will BYU be held to only 16 points after running a whopping 93 plays? Doubtful. Does BYU have what it takes to mount a season changing upset tomorrow in Provo? Yes, they do. Here's why tomorrow is such a huge game, for both programs.

Stakes for Texas:

Texas has hopes of being in the national title conversation this year. Being in the epicenter of Longhorn nation, its front and center every day in San Antonio. Fans truly believe they are back after being "down" the last couple of years, by UT standards anyways. Their quarterback situation still continues to be a little on the fence, but David Ash seems to have taken the role for good. Rumors have started about Mack Browns future in the burnt orange. In order for those rumors to settle the longhorns need a special season. This game, against an above average defenser on the road, will really show what Texas is made of this year. A win instill confidence and demeanor of a championship caliber team. A loss puts the staff back to the drawing board and a national skeptical cloud over south Texas. Trust me, when it rains down here, it pours.

Stakes for BYU:

In short, their season. I know its only the second game of a young season, but the season didn't exactly get off to the start they had hoped. A win against a ranked opponent for your first home game would be a huge spring board and confidence booster. A loss, and you have doubts about the new regime in Provo. A loss would also cause the fan base to almost certainly all but call for Taysom Hill's head on a silver platter. Don't joke yourself Cougar fans, its true. We put our quarterbacks under more scrutiny than CNN does a republican presidential candidate. This game cannot be overstated as to its importance on where BYU goes the rest of the 2013 season. An identity has to be realized at some point this year, why not start on September 7 while you still have time.


This game has had me on edge ever since last Saturday. I've had days where i thought BYU didn't stand a chance. I've had days where I couldn't see any way Texas walked away victorious. Today, I just have to pick the winner.

BYU has too much to lose in this game, and so does Texas. Due to the magnitude for a program trying to rebuild, I have to give the cougars hunger an advantage. Hill cannot, and will not, be as bad with his arm tomorrow. Williams will continue to be a weapon. If Hoffman suits up, his presence alone give the team in blue at least 10 more points whether its him in the end-zone or the decoy presence creating another score.

While the Longhorns have the talent, the coach and the money, I don't think they have as much hunger as a team starring down the barrel of a lost season.

BYU: 24     Texas: 20

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