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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big day = Big Boost for BYU

Heaps and the Cougars are showing improvement
The 55-7 pounding BYU laid on UNLV this weekend did more than add a 'W' to the win column. With the most potent offensive output this season by far, the Cougars can go into next weeks game with a ton more confidence and an offense that looks like its starting to come together, finally.

It was obvious from the first offensive possesion, and play for that matter, that UNLV was outmatched. Brian Logan intercepted the first pass by UNLV's QB Omar Clayton. BYU's defense continued to show that behind Bronco, this group has a lot more passion and desire than in games before Jaime Hill was released.

On the offensive side of the ball, BYU showed that they can convert 3rd downs via the pass! Thats something we haven't seen that much this year. converting on a 3rd and long, 3rd and averages to the wideouts really will make defenses start to respect the BYU passing game more than they have in games past. BYU has come out and said that they are going to pound it out on the ground, but if they can convert a few times through the air, this offense could start to break through.

Now, I am not saying that BYU has arrived and that a take down of the team up north is eminent, however, it does present an interesting battle going into that game. Does Utah care after they finally complete their being slaughtered by TCU today? Do they really have much to play for since the BCS games are out of sight? And BYU, they of course have everything riding on that game. A send off the their future BCS rival, a possible bowl game on the line, not to mention a final stamp on the season that has been an upsetting year from game 2.

The cougars offense will only continue to get better. Putting up 55 points on a High School caliber team isnt much to gloat about. However, doing it in the fashion that they did it, with nearly mistake free football ( fumble by the third teamers) and this team look revitalized after the bye week. Heaps showed he has accuracy and touch. Receivers decided to show up this season and haul in some beautifully thrown balls. There were a couple misses that could have gone for big plays and or touchdowns, but in the end they played well.

In the end, I think BYU should walk away from this game with their heads high, and their hopes alive for bowling this winter.

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  1. Great balance on offense- 300 passing, 200 rushing. Next week will be much more difficult. It will be interesting to see if they can carry over the improvement. I think the offensive line did a good job of pass blocking, which they haven't always done.