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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching up with the problem

BYU's offense has been nothing but awful this season. Nothing short of terrible, and not a long shot and saying pathetic.
Chambers can catch in practice, but the squad
has got to translate that onto the game field

Jake Heaps, against Utah State in particular, showed that he is still a freshman and will make freshman mistakes. One of his picks was just being on a comletely different page than his receiver. The other was just a bad decision to throw into double coverage. None the less, I believe Heaps, against the Aggies showed he can make the big time throws, they just have to be caught.

The wide receiving corps for the Cougars, that has been so hyped up for the better part of the summer as, and I quote, "possibly the best receiving corp BYU has ever had," has been ridiculously terrible. There lack of ability to do the one thing they are on the field for, CATCH THE BALL, has led to failed drives by the stagnant offense. There inability to catch passes that hit them in the hands, has continued to amaze me. In a bad way.

Heaps has to learn to put more touch on his ball at times, as made very evident by a throw inside the 5 Heaps made to the full back Zed Mendenhall (who was wide open) against USU. However, after near a month now of Heaps getting the majority of the reps with the first team Offense, one would think they would start getting on the same page.

The receivers are breaking in 5 freshman tight ends, a couple freshman wide outs, returning just a few veteran starters. However, its time to step up. This receiving corp is not holding its end of the bargain when it comes to responsibilities to this team. When your running back is your leading receiver through 4 games, you know something has gone awfully wrong.

The one bright spot in the corp has been the emergence of Cody Hoffman, who seems to be becoming a favorite target the freshman gunslinger Heaps. That combo could be wonderful to watch in coming years. However, if the rest of the so called D-1 caliber receivers don't decide to show up, Heaps and the offense will never become as potent as they should and could eventually be.

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