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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BYU ABC's: Back to Basics

Considering how bad the Cougars are this year, I thought it might be time to go back through some basic elements that make a team tick. A through Z, here's a list of somethings the Cougars need to improve on in order to get this team back on the course they are used to being on, winning:

A: The Attitude on this team has got to take a turn towards the positive and realize the good things they do each game. Focus on the positives and believe in yourself
B: Bounce Back from your mistakes. Bounce back from a loss (in all their frequencies). This team has got to understand that mistakes happen, but hanging your head doesn't change it. All ties into their attitude.
C: Catching the ball is the biggest problem from this team. CATCH the ball, and this team has a whole new dynamic that it has missed. 
D: Defense has to show up and prove that it is worthy of the scholarships they are taking up. 
These Cougars need to be Excited to make a play. Celebrate with your team after a first down, a big hit, or a 3rd down stop (as rare as they are). Show some Emotion in your battles, teammates will rally around you.
F: This team, full of youngsters, has to Fulfill their potential as well as their responsibilities. Some people, especially the veterans, are not fulfilling their end of the bargain, hence this team falling apart.
G: Considering the youngsters, this team has got to Grow up faster than expected. Players development has got to speed up, and efficiently. 
H: BYU has to, has to, has to get HEALTHY. Key players are falling like flies, and it is showing on the stats sheet. Jordan Pendelton, Andrew Rich, Fuga, Nelson etc... Some of the aforementioned are lost the season, but others are not. BYU cannot afford more injuries to an already bad team.
I: The Intensity on this team is completely gone. It has to return. Show that you mean business, and that you are there to play on every down, and you are gonna give it your all. 100% effort, 100% of the time.
J: Jake Heaps. This is his team for the next 4 years. He has got to start performing like he is capable. Given the receivers need to help him a little bit. Nonetheless, Jake Heaps has got to start making the easy throws easier for them.
K: BYU's Kickoff-coverage has been stellar this year. The best facet of their season by far. That needs to continue, so they can try and win the ever important field position battle.
L: This particular squad has NO Leadership. They have got to find that guy on and off the field that will LEAD this team to where they want to go, as well as where they are capable. Someone has got to step up and be that vocal leader. Heaps???
M: Bronco Mendenhall is being tested for the first time in his 6 years at the helm of the Cougar pigskin squad. How will he respond, and can he get this team back? This is where he earns his payday.
N: The Necessary things they need to do to win, are the things they have not been doing. So those Necessities are an enormous element to the success of this squad
O: Of course, we all know the Offense has been abysmal, and thats why this letter is ever so important. The Offense has got to fulfill its responsibilities and give the defense some rest, and sustain drives that turn into touchdowns!
P: Protecting Jake Heaps is essential, not just from game to game, but for the next couple years. He needs to remain healthy and confident that his line is their for him, instead of having to watch his backside every other drop back. Give this guy time, and he can make things happen.
Q: Quality drives have to be put together by the offense. Mentioned in other factors (letters), Heaps and the scoring unit has not done that. Put together 5 to 7 minute drives, and get some points up on the board. Even if it doesnt result in points, Quality drives gives your team confidence, and something to build off of. 
R: Due to the bruising this team has been inflicted with, the Reserves are going to play a key roll for the future of this team. Not just this year, but years down the road. They are all getting key time this year. They have got to make the most of it and perform well, play assignment football and see who comes up with the big surprise.
S: Study. Get in the film room until there is no more film to watch and STUDY your hearts out. Find your weaknesses and fix them. Help each other. They have to study themselves before they worry about their opponent. Their biggest enemy right now is themselves.
T: Time of Possession has been in BYU's favor for the good majority of this decade. This is something BYU has gotten killed on this year. Going back to the offense, they control this key factor to success. Keep the ball out of the hands on the defense to decide the game. Sustain drives and make your team believe in you, not to mention your fans.
U: Unity. This team has got to form a unit, has got to form a TEAM. Right now, it seems like everyone is out their for themselves. Team unity forms chemistry that teams of that past have had that has proven amazing success. This squad will be together for a while, so this is vital.
V: Show some Vigor. On a consistent basis.
W: WIN. BYU has got to get a W to retain its confidence in each other and the confidence of the loyal fan base.
X: Most of us already know who the Cougars X-Factor is, J.J. Di Luigi. He has been great this year, being the Cougars only source of consistent play. However, how he goes, so does the team. They found their weapon, utilize him and use him as a decoy to open things up for other play makers like Jacobsen, Hoffman, and Heaps.
Y: Tradition, Spirit, Honor. Those are the three values that this program prides itself on. Be proud of the Y sticker that is on that helmet.
Z: Often the slot receiver is called the Z man or Z receiver, so this becomes very important. They are often the recipient of drop off passes, and short over the middle drag routes that can turn into big YAC yardage. Jacobsen has seen lots of time here so far this year, look for him to become more of a pertinent part of this offense moving forward. 

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