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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mark Ingrams impact

So, Mark Ingram has played in 2 games out of 4 possible for the top ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. He has a total of 33 carries and a total of  338 yards. thats an average of over 10 ypc. His first carry of the season was a 54 yard romp against the lowly Duke defense.

In his first 2 games he has had runs of over 50 yards. In his first 2 games he has scored 2 touchdowns in each of the games. Watching this guy operate wit hthe ball in his hands is truly a delight. He not only has power, weighing in at 215 pounds, but agile feet and amazing vision.

His patience at the line and discipline to hit the holes is worthy of his Heisman from last year. His ability to make the first man miss is uncanny. He is able to make a 3rd and long seem so much shorter.

Alabama ran the wildcat with Ingram taking the snap at least 4 times during crucial third down conversions late in the game. Each time, the defense knew he was going to be taking the ball the whole way. One time, Alabama's quarterback McElroy was actually left alone by the Arkansas defense to add a guy to the box to defend the reining Heisman winner. McElroy actually started waving his arms because he was so wide open. 10 on 11, in Arkansas favor, on a third and short, Ingram took the snap, and ran up the guy for 5 hard earned yards and the first down on their way to the leading touchdown.

If taking that corner off on the spread out quarterback, and bringing him into the box on an pass option play isnt respect towards Mark Ingram, I dont know what would be. And yet, he still gained the yardage necessary for that crucial third down keeping the drive, and essentially the game alive.

Mark Ingram will win the award again this year for best college football player, baring some sort of injury that sidelines him again, or someone else shows that they are more deserving. His performance over the last two games, has proven that he is the best player college football has to offer. Did I mention that he has run over 100 yards in the last 10+ games against top 25 teams?

Ingram is the real deal. Watch and enjoy while you can on Saturdays, because he won't be there much longer. Sundays are calling his name, and a lucky team is waiting patiently for him to blossom in their backfield.

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