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Monday, September 16, 2013

Taysom's Hill to Climb

After the victory against Texas, well the beat down that is, BYU has got to be flying high. Unfortunately, they didn't fly as high as your "typical" BYU offense should.

The well documented performance of Taysom Hill is nothing short of spectacular. Despite Texas's obvious flaws on defense, Hill exploited their weakness to the maximum. That alone, showed a lot of development between weeks one and two. However, the biggest development between weeks 2 and 3, including a bye, has to be through the air.

The running game is fine, with plenty of options including stand out Jamaal Williams and budding stud Paul Lasike. Hill's abilities are well known, just ask Hawaii and Texas. However, the complete inability to throw the ball is quite alarming for the revamped BYU offense. 

Hill has shown he has great throwing power. However, his accuracy reminds almost that of Riley Nelson last couple years. Sadly enough, I might venture to say that Nelson was even more accurate than Hill through the air. That has to change if BYU is to become as dominant a force on offense as they are on defense.

The best way to get a young quarterback going is through short passes. Against Texas, we saw Hill do some short dump offs to running backs early. This is a great strategy, especially when you have Williams catching it out of the backfield. However, BYU has a great stable of receivers that need to be utilized. If Cody Hoffman, Mitch Matthews, JD Falslev and Ross Apo can be used early on, this will only open up the stellar running game for BYU. However, Hill has to deliver the ball. 

Tunnel screen passes are things that showed success for BYU in years past. Throw in a half-back screen, some quick crossing patterns and your onto something. I'm not putting the play-calling into question, more so the execution. Hill has got to deliver the goods. Complete these passes, and the receivers might even be able to break some tackles for some more YAC. 

I can't stress enough the importance of Hill's development in the passing game. He has the arm strength, now its about accuracy. I'm not sure he gets it fixed with an extra week in-between games, but I'll bet we see an improvement. Hoffman is a difference maker, and BYU knows that. Look for this to be exploited against the team from up north.

Taysom has a hill to climb before he's the next John Beck or Max Hall. However, he's never going to be those two guys. He isn't even going to be the next Steve Young. I'm just looking for him to be the best Taysom Hill, and he could be seriously scary if his arm matches his legs abilities to get points on the scoreboard. 

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