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Friday, September 27, 2013

Cody Hoffman Suspended?

Update: A new person with a source claims the suspension will be for 1 game:

Update: Another person with a source has emerged stating that Hoffmas is suspended:

Update: Another person, "JJ Smooth" has claimed that Cody Hoffman will be suspended for the season. He claims a source as well.

Update: The Deseret News Sports has stated that they don't have any information, which is a good sign for BYU fans since the DesNews has many contacts in the BYU organization. The DesNews was also gracious enough to promise to let us know if/when they have anything to report, so keep checking back here for updates.

The source of the rumor appears to be the twitter feed of one Justin Arbogast, who tweeted the following:

Mr. Arbogast, whose twitter feed links him to the website, responded to our questions about his sources, saying,

One more person named Brandt Anderson, who claims to be a Ute fan who was once recruited by BYU to play baseball and therefore has sources in the organization, told me that he has been "talking to ppl closer to the team" and has also heard that Hoffman wil be suspended.

Stay tuned to the Sports Bros and we will post anything we hear.

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