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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Showdown Insights and Predictions

This is not your typical Utah State team. This is no longer an automatic 'W' on the schedule for BYU. Especially this year while the cougar offense struggles to find a passing game and consistent running game. Friday's contest should be a fun game to watch, and not your typical BYU football game.

Can BYU slow down Utah State
enough to get a much needed victory?

Little Bro:

This is not last year for either squad. Unfortunately, the programs are if very different situations. Utah State has an established quarterback, a good running back and a solid defense. They are a matter of a foot away from being 5-0 and most likely ranked. If it weren't for those dang goal posts both these teams would likely have 1 less loss. So be it. Utah State is good. There is no way around it. They have a top 20 defense, and an offense that is balanced. That being said, I dont think this is the year Utah State comes out of Provo with a victory.

With BYU getting a much needed blowout last week, and with Taysom Hill gaining confidence, I see BYU winning this one. I dont think the defense holds Utah State to a shutout, and I think they even given up a few scores. But BYU finds a way to get the big play, and wins this one.

BYU 24 - Utah State 17

Big Bro:

Perhaps more than any other year, Utah State believes they can win this game. With their only loss coming on the road due to a missed last-minute field goal on the road to Wisconsin, they feel that they are equipped to upset the Cougars in Provo. Having beaten the Utes, they are hungry to be atop the Utah college football scene by beating the BYU as well.

Still, I expect the Cougars to be psyched for this game a launching pad for the rest of their season. They know that they need to put the stinging losses to Utah and Boise State behind them, and they also know that Utah State might be the best team they have played so far. I think that this is the game that the Cougars finally start firing on all cylinders with Jamaal Williams getting more carries and Taysom Hill likely getting his second chance to lead the team. I think the team will gel and have their coming out party tonight.

BYU 27 - USU 17

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