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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Riley's New Role

We all saw the Boise State game. We all wish we hadn't. The game was poorly played by both sides, and even more poorly coached by both sides. He Bronco (Mendenhall and Boise State) made crucial errors in play calling and decisions, that eventually led to a BYU loss 7-6 in Boise.

The most critical mistake however, came at the hands of the visiting Bronco Mendenhall. He should have pulled Riley Nelson before he had. In retrospect, that could have lost the game. If Riley Nelson comes out 1 possession earlier, he doesn't throw the pick-six that leads to BYU's demise against the home Bronco's.

I, for one, had previously jumped on the Riley Nelson bandwagon, as he has showed amazing leadership. However, after the last two weeks and seeing his body language, I am retracting that support. If Riley was truly a leader and team player, he would have sat himself in the last two games, and allowed for a healthy quarterback to lead the team. However, he was selfish and played through the pain, and caused more bad than good.

I still think Riley can be a good leader. However, his job at least for this week against Hawaii is to support Taysom Hill in the starting role. Being a cheerleader on the sidelines will be just as important as throwing the passes. Only Hill in this case, is more suited to make those throws than Riley Nelson.


  1. There isn't a decent football player on this earth who sits himself down. It's part of what makes them football players. It's the coaches responsibility to shut them down if they are too injured to play.

    This is a horrible take.

  2. How can we give you any credence when you're not even accurate ? Riley's final drive did not end in the pick-six.