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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BYU corrects the rumors, nothing conclusive

Bloggers and message boarders are going crazy after Dick Harmon's column (or at least its headline) wrongly implied that BYU was firing its entire offensive staff. BYU responded, "Any reports that BYU football coaches have been released from the staff are inaccurate...Mendenhall met with offensive coaches and indicated a restructuring of the offensive staff is being evaluated. Mendenhall told the coaches this includes possible changes in assignments and personnel."

Big Bro's thoughts: While the university has tried to do damage control, it seems inevitable that someone is leaving. "Restructuring" at a minimum means that someone is being demoted (probably Anae) and someone else is being promoted (probably Doman). I don't see Robert Anae giving up his play-calling duties lightly, and it is likely that he is on his way out.

Bronco tried to do the right thing and give his staff a heads up of what is coming. Perhaps he wanted to allow his assistants who may be getting offers from other schools to be able to respond to them with the knowledge that their services at the Y are not necessarily needed. In any case, Bronco underestimated the blogosphere and now the you-know-what has hit the fan. As Gordon Monson eloquently stated in his blog this afternoon, Bronco is doing the right thing in the wrong way.

I think it should also be noted that the BYU press release did not take any options off the table. It merely stated that nothing has been done yet. The BYU big wigs wanted to put out the flames without tying Bronco's hands. Unfortunately for them, the flames are still burning strong.

Little Bro's thoughts: While there has been a lot of chatter about Doman leaving, becoming OC, Detmer coming, Anae leaving, I just dont see where this is all coming from. I personally believe that a lot of is speculation based on the wants of the speculator.

Doman is thought to have been offered the offensive coordinator position with Detmer as the QB coach. Interesting point about Doman vacating the quarterbacks job is, Bronco's constant praise of Brandon Doman. If you look at the last 3 qb's he has coached, Beck, Hall and now Heaps, all three have been excellent (Heaps with one year under his belt). Hall has won more games than any other BYU quarterback, Beck set countless records for the MWC as well as BYU, and Heaps is on course to do just the same. Bronco will do everything he can to retain this guy, and probably keep him at the reigns of the quarterbacks.

Heaps as also been quoted in his love for Doman. Heaps said that that was one of his contributing factors to coming to BYU as opposed to other places, because he liked Doman and what he had to offer.

My thought is that Anae is gone, and that they are going to find someone else to take over the play calling duties, from outside of the program. I also see the other assistants staying, with perhaps WR coach Higgins on his way out, considering how his corp performed early in the year. Doman stays to mentor Heaps in his, what could be extremely special, career.

All in all, I believe a shake up is necessary. However, will it be for the best? We will see, next September 3.

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