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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Beginning

So, after much debate and discussion with my brother (Andy) we have decided to create a sports blog. The blog will cover mainly college football and basketball, as well as NBA with a little bit of baseball. We will throw in some thoughts here and there about the Tiger Woods stories, hockey thoughts, and maybe from time to time a soccer thought. Don't count on many soccer posts though. Sorry world, we are trying to cater to the American crowd that cares about fun sports to watch.

We will post really whenever we find a story that we have thoughts on. Something we care about or that other people care a lot about. Its going to be a place where we share our agreements with decisions on trades, our disapproval of the BCS format, and express our thoughts on anything we see fit.

Now, lets describe the name of our blog, so those of you who can't pick up on it don't comment on it thinking its something about woman's body parts being held up during a workout session.

I am sure many of you have heard people refer to a close buddy as "bro." Its a common greeting among buddies getting together to play ball or hook up the COD MW2 coop play together. Well, recently there has developed a slang of this "bro" term, in which people now say "bra." Not sure if this is because of ignorance on how to pronounce the word, or just trying to be funny. Either way, "bra" and "bro" represent the same entity, in essence, your pal.

Now, considering Andy and I are brothers, bro being the short, we decided to use this slang term to our advantage and have it be our title. Throw in the kicker that sports bras are real, and since what they are used for come in pairs, it makes for a great resemblance to what we are going to be doing.

Two brothers talking about sports!

Looking forward to feedback

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